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omni wheel car
Arduino Robot

Nexus Automation Limited is committed to design, produce and market the easy-to-use omni directional wheel Arduino robot kits. All of our Arduino robot kits are powerful, lightweight, versatile and durable robot, which is mainly designed for researchers and students. When you visit here, you will find a wide selection of all kinds of arduino robot kits to meet everyone’s taste. By using these kits you get to learn about robot technology and they make for good practice for anyone looking to go into engineering. Our arduino robot kits help you understand mechanics, and electronics as well as physics, and artificial intelligence when you build and assemble an arduino robot kits.


Our omni directional wheel arduino robot kits supports Programmable in C, C++ and it capable of moving in any direction by changing the velocity and direction of each wheel without changing its orientation. It usually comes with Arduino microcontroller and omni directional wheels or mecanum wheels which driven by DC motor with encoders, allowing rotation and movement in any direction simultaneously. Meanwhile, there are series of sensors mounted on our arduino robot kits, like Sonar sensors, IR Sensors and Bumper Sensors.  The Sonar sensor is a kind of ultrasonic rangefinder which can be used to detect obstacles; IR sensor has the ability of parallax distance measurement and usually used as a fall-arrest detector; bumper sensor can alert you of unseen obstacles in its way and make it turn around. What’s more important, we can customize the arduino robot kits for different size to meet your requirements.


This is a well designed, Arduino compatible, 3 omni wheel mobile robotics car for research applications. Includes Arduino microcontroller and motor with encoders and is programmable with C, C++.


This 4WD drive Mecanum wheel Arduino robotics car is stable and can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the direction and speed of each wheel.


This is a 3 wheels drive, omni wheel mobile robotics car. It capable of moving in any direction by changing the velocity and direction of each wheel without changing its orientation.


This is a simple, programmable tracked mobile robot tank kit. It includes Tracked Wheel, two coreless 12V DC motor with encoders, and Arduino 328 Microcontroller

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